Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Palmetto Educators Network is a nonpartisan advocacy network dedicated to universal public education and to bridging the discourse among the public, the political, and the scholarly in South Carolina and throughout the U. S. The advocates and blog are intended to be a resource for educators, policy makers, and the public as a pursuit of the following principles:

• Universal public education should address the needs of all children as a central institution supporting democracy and the dignity and humanity of free people.

• Public discourse informed by expertise is the lifeblood of a democracy.

• Partisanship and ideological agendas are antithetical to human agency, social justice, and democracy.

• Universal public education and a government by the people and for the people must admit and confront the plight of poverty and the weight of inequity that jeopardizes human dignity and individual agency.

• Individual freedom and community are equal, not conflicting, principles at the core of democracy.

• Universal pubic education is a perpetual act of coming-to-be and reform.

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