Friday, February 11, 2011

Resources: Teach for America (think-tanks and the media)

Along with charter schools, the education reform debate includes a great deal of claims against teacher quality, one of which includes a growing fascination with Teach for America (TfA). Many elements in the education debate are being clouded by think-tanks and private organization public relations (see Molnar, 2001; Welner, et al., 2010; Yettick, 2009); therefore, policy makers and the public should consider carefully claims while looking for quality scholarly studies. Here are recommended resources concerning TfA:

Deepening the Debate over Teach For America: Responses to Heather Harding

Tough Questions for Teach For America: Heather Harding Responds

A Letter to the Seattle WA School Board

Hyper-accountability, Burnout and Blame: A TFA Corps Member Speaks Out

Phil Kovacs Responds to the Latest Research on Teach For America

Jack Hassard Reports: Cobb County, Georgia, Rejects Teach For America

'Teach for America' overstates its classroom success

Reconsidering TFA (blog)

Teach for America - A Hidden Curriculum?

Teach for America: The Hidden Curriculum of Liberal Do-Gooders

Teach for America: Liberal mission helps conservative agenda

Philip Kovacs: Research Suggests Teach For America Does Not Belong in Huntsville

Philip Kovacs: Teach For America Research Fails the Test

Philip Kovacs: Huntsville Takes a Closer Look at Teach For America's "Research"

Philip Kovacs Takes on TFA in Huntsville

The Dialogue Heats Up over Teach For America

Petition to Change/Reform TfA

Teach For America: A False Promise

Teach For America: A Review of the Evidence

Ravitch: The Problem with Teach For America

Richard Cohen's Teach for America Column Deserves a Failing Grade

Resources for think-tanks and the media:

Think Tank Research Quality: Lessons for Policy Makers, the Media, and the Public
Edited by:
Kevin G. Welner, University of Colorado - Boulder
Patricia H. Hinchey, Pennsylvania State University
Alex Molnar, Arizona State University
Don Weitzman, Independent Researcher

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