Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rebuttal to Misinformation from Rep. Stringer

Rep. Stringer has a misleading Op-Ed at The Greenville News, reprinted at SCRG (a political think tank that advocates school choice).

PLEASE contact Rep. Springer HERE.

One notable comment from Stringer--"They missed the fact that life itself is a test"--is worth addressing directly. Life is NOT a multiple choice test.

The claims that lead to his arguments are all provably misleading; thus, the conclusions are suspect.

I posted this rebuttal online at TGN:

The PISA claim here is FALSE, oversimplified misinformation. When POVERTY is considered, the US has test scores that exceed countries with similar levels of poverty. FACT:

For example, Finland has about 3-4% childhood poverty while the US has well over 20% childhood poverty. SCHOOL OUTCOMES REFLECT PRIMARILY SOCIAL CONDITIONS--not teacher or school quality. (

As well, public, private, charter, and choice schools all produce ABOUT THE SAME RESULTS. Ample evidence shows that none of the formats are superior to the others. Most comprehensive study on choice available today: "In this article, we review the empirical evidence on the impact of education vouchers on student achievement, and briefly discuss the evidence from other forms of school choice. The best research to date finds relatively small achievement gains for students offered education vouchers, most of which are not statistically different from zero." (

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